All About Me.

Hey y'all! 

I'm Lauren, aka The Ginger Ninja, and this is That Ginger Latte. 

I'm also a mom, a military wife, an athlete and a latte-loving, wine-sipping, trend-obsessing, reality-TV-watching, smoothie-making, weight-lifting, healthy-eating, pizza-devouring, book-reading, Spin-cycling, CorePower-yoga-scuplting, podcast-listening, macro-counting,  HIIT-training, world-traveling, gypsy-soul.  

I started That Ginger Latte because not only do I love lattes, but they're something I look forward to every day. I love everything about them. From that smell of espresso brewing, that ritual of tampering the grounds, that first sip as it hits your tongue, and that last drop. I love that latte. That latte can be so diverse too - it can be iced, hot, flavored, plain, layered with coconut milk or steamed with 2%, but no matter what, that latte always make me feel good. That latte always makes me feel like me. So settle in, grab a mug, and get comfortable. 




My biggest motivator, my son Teddy.