It's a.....


Oh boy! As most of you know, I’m due with our second baby boy in April 2019. It’s funny, I had a boy feeling from the beginning. Do you moms feel the same way? You just have this solid feeling of what gender you’re having for no real reason? I did also have the nurse practitioner at my OB-GYN make a slight slip-up and comment something on ‘Oh it will be great to have bro——a big brother so close in age.’ So between my feeling and her slip up (after we’d JUST discussed that I was having a surprise gender reveal in a few weeks #$@#$@!), I was 99% sure that it was a boy. I will say, I was pretty much split down the middle one what I ‘wanted’ as far as our next gender. Part of me loves boys so far and loves the bond that I imagine Teddy and a brother would share - especially being only 18 months apart, but another part of me wanted to experience something different…a girl, I imagine, would be totally different - especially in the future. Our friends were hosting a Halloween Party and graciously agreed to pick up my gender results and take care of the gender reveal. As we stood before our friends, me as Little Red Riding Hood, Ned as one-half of the Dick on the Box SNL parody, and Teddy in a pumpkin onsie, and we popped that big black balloon, I was showered with blue confetti, and I felt a little something…not sure if it was a little let down at the ‘lack of surprise’ or if I was a little sad about not having pink confetti shower down on me. Either way, there was an uncomfortable something gnawing at my gut and I wasn’t sure to where exactly it should be attributed. I quickly reminded myself that I am so fortunate to have a baby at all, and that there are unfortunately, millions of women struggling to get pregnant. I feel selfish and ungrateful for even feeling what I felt, but I’m just being honest.

Yesterday, I put together a very small registry for a few things we’ll need for baby 2 (car seat, stroller seat, and Cloud Island onsies since I didn’t discover these until 6 months—and they are the best!) and I got so excited thinking of how much love will be added to our lives with his arrival. I can’t wait to meet him, to hold him, and to love him!

So, with all the love and excitement and blessings, I can’t WAIT to meet baby boy #2!