Exciting news.....

Baby #2 on the way!

Baby #2 on the way!

Coming April 2019, we’ll welcome our second child!

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about how I’ve been so tired and so uninspired?That’s mostly because I’ve been getting through the exhaustion of the first trimester! Luckily, unlike last time, I have no food aversions or morning sickness, so I’ve had a pretty easy-going first trimester (aside from this weekend where I ended up in the ER from a stomach bug). Add in taking care of Teddy all day, working part-time, and traveling and it’s been really tiring.

But, I’m now clear of the first trimester and into my second (over 14 weeks now) and excited to hopefully regain some energy and focus. I’m hoping to write about my prenatal journey and all my health and fitness focus surrounding it. I really have the best of intentions so we’ll see how it goes! Things went a little off track on my recent trip to Texas but when you have Whataburger in your backyard, it’s kind of hard not to partake #amiright?