Current Obsessions - Namaslay 


This Friday, I'm currently obsessing over Candace Moore's book, Namaslay. I've been following Candace for more than two years now, and I used to read her blog all the time at work. She wrote about all the things I wanted to read about - health, fitness, travel, wellness, self-care, meditation, gut health, and yes, yoga. 

From there, I just fell in love with her overall vibe. She's honest but heartfelt, she's inspiring but real, and she's an all-out hustler. She's an entrepreneur who manages her own company, YogaByCandace, a modern yoga lifestyle company, and she runs yoga retreats, workshops and trainings all over the world, oh and she's also a published author. I finally ordered her semi-autobiographical and semi-yoga instruction book, Namaslay, and it's amazing so far. I wanted to buy it at Barnes and Nobles because I love supporting brick and mortar bookshops, but with Teddy, I never made it over there, so I finally caved and bought it on Amazon. In it she details her battle with an autoimmune disease she developed after a dog bite, and how she eventually recouped her strength, health, and mental clarity and went on to live the life she wants to live. The book also interlaces the benefits of and instruction for practicing yoga, providing detailed photos of how to correctly hold each pose, as well as how to incorrectly hold each pose. Bottom line, she's a fighter, she's insightful, and ultimately, she's for you. She shares her guiding mantras to help you become the person you want to become and to help you live the life you want to live. And I'm obsessed. If you follow her blog or Instagram too or if you have read Namaslay, let me know what you thought below!