Current Obsessions - Serena Williams


Ok, it's Friday, and I'm coming in hot (literally and figuratively because it's HOT AF here), with today's Current Obsession. Two words: Serena. Williams. I am obsessed. She's hilarious, beautiful, honest, intelligent, witty, strong, supportive, and best of all, she keeps it real. And because she keeps it real, and shares it all, she comes off as just so relatable. Who knew I had so much in common with a World Champion, but because of her openness with all things mom guilt, breastfeeding, body image, and postpartum, turns out I actually do. In my opinion, she is the type of role model that can set a great example for young girls. She proves you can do it all, and have it all, if you believe in yourself and if you are willing to put in hard work, focus and sacrifice for what you want. And work at it every single day. She exudes happiness, appreciation and pride in who she is and how she got there and her passion for her sport, her family and her life are contagious. And hello! Between her beautiful daughter, her countless covers, her tennis 'comeback', and her attendance at The Royal Wedding (in sneakers no doubt) she is living her best life. If you're not following her, you should be, because you're seriously missing out. And that's it. Short and sweet. Happy Friday! 


The Ginger Ninja