Current Obsessions - Who I'm following on the 'Gram


When I started Current Obsessions, I planned on a weekly Friday post but then I got pregnant and busy and sadly, my posts fell behind. But, i’m back today with a new Current Obsession (or in this case Obsessions) where I’m talking all things IG.

We all know social media can be a dangerous place. If you’re not careful, you got lost in comparison and the next thing you know, you start forgetting all of your own blessings and all the amazing things that make you - you. But it can be equally entertaining, enlightening and encouraging if you’re following people who inspire you, make you laugh, or document their days spend doing things you love!

While I hate the world “follower” - I prefer using “community”

kathleen_barnes - The IG behind the blog Carrie Bradshaw Lied, chronicles Kat’s amazing outfits, blogging life, her daily excursions in the beautiful city of San Francisco and I can’t get enough. Once upon a time, I loved fashion and my favorite past time was to go to Barnes and Nobles and pour over the newest editions of Vogue, Elle, and Glamour (all the UK versions too). Kat’s IG reminds me of all those fashion risks I used to love to take and hopefully one day, when I can step out of gym clothes, will hopefully return to.

YogaByCandace - Part of what led me to my “career'“ in health and fitness was YBC®. Candace’s social media speaks my language - health, fitness, fashion, macros, strength training, yoga and health and wellness. She’s honest about how difficult it is sometimes to be an entrepreneur whose business depends on social media in a lot of ways. I used to check in with her blog on the daily during my time at Dept of State to see what her latest input was on health, wellness, current events and workouts.

parisinfourmonths - Originally from Sweden, but determined to live in Paris, Carin Olssen documents the beautiful life in the city of love. She originally went to Paris for four months (hence the name of the blog) and fell in love with everything Parisian and went back to Stockholm to gather her things and head back for good. Carin’s IG documents her day to day strolls, fashion events, and decadent eats all over the city of love. I think she moonlights as a photographer and her IG is a complete dream. Major INSPO vibes.

hannahbronfman - I feel like Hannah is the epitome of a ‘cool girl’. She’s a DJ, a Global Adidas Ambassador, and seems to be living the life in NYC with her handsome hubs. She comes from music royalty (her father was CEO of Warner Music Group for a few years) and her mother was (or maybe is?) an actress. Her IG Stories are filed with NYC life, workouts, and food—all my favs.

erin foster and sarafostser - To be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference between Erin and Sarah Foster, but they are both hilarious. They are beautiful, funny, and constantly poking fun at themselves and the rest of Hollywood. Their IG Stories are filled with Hollywood “It” girls like Nicole Richie and Kate Hudson (and their famous step-family - think Gigi and Bella Hadid) but the best part is their satirical take on all things fame.

happilygrey - I feel like Mary Lawless Lee is a real life vision board. Her photos could easily appear in any Vogue spread and her fashions sense is any stylst’s, editor’s, IG model’s dream. Her IG is filled with travel, fashion (of course), her great danes, and her Nashville HQ.

kalfitlife - I feel like I’ve watched Kallie House grow up in a way! Maybe that’s too dramatic but I’ve certainly seen her evolve. When I started following her, she was a big champion of the BBG movement and was a teacher in the Maryland area near where I was living in DC. Her IG Stories documented her workouts and her running to and from SoulCycle classes. Eventually, she decided to leave her teaching career and follow her dream to become and SoulCycle instructor and it’s been so much fun to watch her achieve her goal. She honest, funny and just herself which is refreshing.

jera.bean - I found Jera through KalFitLife’s IG and she’s so cute! She’s a former SoulCycle instructor who has found that her goals and future outlook has shifted and is living her best life post Soul in her hometown of NYC. She’s honest, goofy, gorgeous, funky and sweet.

chiaraferragni - Unless you live completely outside of the social media universe, then you probably follow The Blonde Salad aka Chiara Ferragni. She lives a fairytale life it seems. An Italian, she documents her days spent attending Fashion Weeks, her ridiculously incredible wedding to her Italian singer husband, Fedez, and her adorable son Leocino. I won’t go on because chances are, you’re well aware!

serenawilliams - I’m sure you know who Serena Williams is, but you may not know that she’s an IG/SnapChat queen! She’s actually really, really funny and I love following strong females. And now that she has a beautiful baby girl, I’m able to follow her mommy stuff as well.

probablyshannonford - You most likely don’t know who Shannon Ford is (?), but she was on Kristin Cavalleri’s new show, Very Cavalleri, and is a fiery redhead. At first I couldn’t stand her, but once she posted a tutorial on dying her ginger brows, I became her number one fan! She gets a lot of hate and DGAF and keeps posting and keeps sharing. I like that she seems true to who she is and even in a world of mean girls and hurt feelings, continues to post and continues to be herself!

camwimberly1 - Another reality TV shoutout! Cameran Eubanks is a former star of MTV’s The Real World (San Diego) and is currently on Bravo’s Southern Charm. She’s drop dead gorgeous and matches her breathtaking beauty with wit and humor. She’s a new mom as well and I love how honest she is about the ups and downs of motherhood.

I’d love to know what you think of my IG picks and if you have any you’d like to recommend, please comment below and let me know!


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