Current Obsessions - This book!


Now that I have Teddy, I rarely have time to read. Between my position with YogaByCandace and taking care of him, and getting anything done around the house, I have NO time to read. I have a pile of books on my nightstand that I’m trying to get to, but a new must-read keeps popping up before I have time to get through one. My current reading list consists of: The Paris Architect, How to Walk Away, The Last Mrs. Parrish, and Sunburn. I welcome any comments below if you’ve read those or if you have any of your own recommendations!

Anyway, the book I’m obsessed with right now is What if It Does Work Out, by Susie Moore. I spent years trying to find my passion and completely overlooked the sensible ways she mentions to discover it. I remember graduating from college with an English Lit degree in hand, not knowing what I wanted to do - and that same not knowing continued for another decade since graduating. Susie’s book is great for anyone sitting in a job they loathe, anyone who feels like they have more to offer the world, or anyone wondering how to unearth their passion and turn that into an income stream. She offers a step-by-step guide to identifying your passion, creating an action plan, and conceptualizing a business plan.

I know this book doesn’t pertain to everyone, but it’s an easy read with a lot of great information!


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