Current Obsessions - All the deets

One time, when assigned at US Embassy Bangkok, I had the privilege of attending a cultural introduction class on the intricate Thai culture. One thing I found interesting was the presenter, an American ex-pat living in Thailand for like 20 years or something, had surveyed Americans their stereotypes of Thais, and Thais' stereotypes of Americans. What do you think those were? Always saving face, the Thais were kind. lol. They said that Americans do two things in particular, one, always walk in a hurry (#soguilty), and two, they always either 'love' something or 'hate' something (#veryguilty). My husband says I love to talk in 'extremes'--I usually love something or hate something, and there's no in between (#superguilty). So, in what I suppose is typical American fashion, I wanted to use this space to talk about all things I 'love'. And so, hopefully once a week, I'll be highlighting my current obsessions. These are things I 'love', want, or wish I could have. It will be anything, running the gamment from women influencers, to books, to clothes, to podcasts, to fitness trends. 

Look for the first post this Friday. Because, what's more fun than obsessing over Fridays?