Frequently Asked Questions



YES! Never dyed, never colored, and if it were up to me, never cut (mainly because I am rarely happy with my haircuts)! I used to hate my hair growing up because I was constantly ridiculed and made fun of for being different. I would beg my mom to let me dye my hair (she never let me) and even asked Santa to please change my hair color for Christmas. I remember waking up and feeling for my hair and after seeing it was still red, my heart sank! I've since embraced my differences and now love my hair color. 

Are you a personal trainer? 

Yes! I'm a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through the American Council on Education (ACE). I also taught spin while assigned in Kabul, Afghanistan. In addition, I obtained my CorePower Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training Certificate but have not yet taught in an official capacity because I learned I was pregnant just after I passing auditions and was advised against hot yoga by my OB-GYN. but I do hope to get back into it! 

What's your day job?

I'm a Foreign Service Office Management Specialist with the US Department of State. My first assignment was Bucharest, Romania, followed by Kabul, Afghanistan, and then to Bangkok, Thailand. Currently I am assigned domestically in Washington, D.C. While this blog will not be about the FS, I am happy to answer any questions you may have!  

what's your favorite workout?

Honestly,  anything that gets your body moving. I remember sweating through 40 minutes of the stair stepper (one of my favs) one day and was cursing my workout, hating every minute of it, and I glanced out the window and saw a wheelchair bound person fighting to push their chair uphill, in the rain nonetheless, and decided right then I would cherish every opportunity I had to move my body! I guessed that person would do anything to have their biggest struggle to hate to go to the gym and workout. My favs also sometimes go in phases depending on my schedule or my current fitness goals. For instance, after Teddy was born, I waited 12 weeks before exercising and my main goal then was to just build muscle strength so I focused on weightlifting only.  And trust me, sometimes I do nothing! Rest is part of the process. 

was it hard to get your body after baby?

For me, YES! I worked out during the entire nine months I was pregnant but I also ate anything and everything and ended up gaining 45 pounds. After I had Teddy, I was physically unable to workout and mentally unable to devote time and intention towards my own recovery.  Twelve weeks off depleted my strength, muscle tone and cardio output. I started small and changed in increments and slowly, but surely everything fell back into place (well almost).  I'm eager to hear how others experienced getting back in shape, either physically or mentally. 


What's your tattoo mean? 

The Arabic writing on my left forearm means 'strength' or 'power' but more in an 'inner' kind of way. Power that comes from the inside.